Boldness in the Prophetic Ministry

Be Bold

Great boldness is necessary to fulfill the prophetic ministry. At times when the church is weak or disinterested in the prophetic voice, one must have the courage to stand and face all the dangers and political powers. Misunderstanding, mockery, denial, and negligence are samples of trials and dangers that a prophet must encounter as he speaks the message of God.

Carrying out the gift of pProphetic Boldnessrophecy will bring you closer to Jesus. Here are the signs to help you discover that the prophetic gift is operating your life:

  1. You have a great interest in Prophetic ministry

You will feel that you are attracted with prophetic people; you attend to Christian meetings and mingle with people who have a gift of prophecy.

  1. You are enthusiastic in helping people through prophecy.

You care people you help them bring closer to God. Since you believe that prophecy is the most important gift of God, you drive to help awaken people that Christ wants the best for His people. At times, that someone is in great trials; you urge to help them by sharing the wonderful and encouraging message of God.

  1. You desire to learn how to prophesy and you use prophetic prayer to anyone else.

You are inspired to understand the gift of prophecy and learn how to exercise it. You are motivated to read books and other teaching materials about prophetic ministry. Once you have an in-depth understanding about your gift of prophecy, you want to exercise it by joining the group sessions, gatherings, and offering prayers to group or individuals. You are confident that God is the one dictating your prayers.

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