How To Avoid Marital Depression

avoid marrital depression

Depression is the most common mental illness characterized by different types of feelings such as loneliness, sadness, despair, low self-esteem, and self-reproach which cause pain to those who are suffering from depression and those people who care for them.

This illness impacts so many lives. Apparently those who suffer this mental disorder need to seek help from any qualified professionals – psychologist, therapist or psychiatric nurse.

It is no wonder that depression can also impact marriage relationship. As a matter of fact, it now becomes the most common psychiatric disability that can ruin the relationship of every couple. Depression is considered as the secret killer of intimacy – an important element to keep the relationship lasts. For instance, a husband always comes home late so a depressed wife might think negatively what his husband does at work. As a result, a wife will reject his husband, and she will find excuses so that she cannot spend time at home. It is where intimacy starts to fade that will later lead to an end.

Given all the negative things that may occur because of depression, it is necessary to have a better understanding what marital depression is and how to cope or avoid this mental illness.

Understanding Marital Depression and its causes

Marital depression is a serious mental illness that can put your marriage to an end. As a matter of fact, there are so many reasons why an individual experiences depression. It can be a traumatic life experience such as the loss of loved one, result of prolonged stress, loss of job and any other painful life experience.

Signs of Depression

Usual symptoms of depression are feelings of irritability and sadness, loss of interest to do any activities, feeling of tiredness, have difficulty to make decisions and lack of ability to focus, loss of appetite, eating too much, and frequent negative thoughts. All these signs can make every relationship struggle, and it is difficult to work in a relationship if your partner is suffering from depression.

Research found that one of the most common causes of it is anxiety. Anxiety causes fear, apprehension, nervousness and worrying. This disorder affects how any individuals behave and feel, and they can show physical symptoms.

In marriage, you may notice that your partner does not care anymore of his/her physical appearance. You might be thinking that he or she is just lazy to look at the mirror or does not care of his or her outfit, but the truth is, he or she may be expressing some signs of stress that may lead to depression.

Another reason that almost all couples share is disorganization. In most cases, a lot of people might think of the best wedding celebration they would like to have – a perfect venue, best gown, perfect place for the honeymoon, and other extravagant wedding needs. However, the preparation of the couple usually stops there, and it is where disappointments come that may later affect their happy relationship. Even though a couple had invested emotionally and financially for so many years together before they step the married life, planning for the future, agreement, and teamwork are need to be carried out, as well. For marriage will not be forever wonderful but inevitably there will be bumps in the road. One must understand that marriage does not only carry happiness but also challenges and obstacles. By planning ahead and getting familiar with conflicts and practicing how to deal with it, you will have the strength on accepting the realities of marriage, so you can have a depression-free marriage together.

Other causes of marital depression are work stability, financial strain, lack of support of your partner, postpartum, large daily work load and family loss. If you think your partner is suffering from depression, immediate treatment and strategy is needed to save your marriage. Always remember that you are with each other as a partner in any ways. Your spouse’s problem is your problem; your happiness is your partner’s happiness because you are now united in the Sacrament of Matrimony.

How to overcome marital depression

There are simple yet effective strategies to overcome depression in order to make your marriage lasts.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle – enough rest, eating the right foods and regular exercise can help stabilize the brain chemistry. Research found out that regular exercise helps release endorphins, the natural mood elevators. This strategy can also strengthen your bond especially when you are doing it together.

Learn to balance your life by saying No to any activities which you think can give you large work load.

Talk to your family and discuss some possible options that you can do. It is important that there would be somebody who knows your feelings and concerns.

If you notice that your partner has a sign of depression, you need to seek professional help immediately. You can also ask help from a fellow Christian for a possible treatment.

Both of you must be equipped with thorough knowledge and information about depression. You can talk to any professionals, or you can google it on the web to be able to have a better understanding of its potential impact in your life. In this way, you can curtail all the negative consequences that your relationship may possibly surface.

Do not ignore the problem if you think your partners or you are suffering from depression.

Both of you must pray consistently for God’s guidance and providence. Strengthen your relationship to God because it’s the ultimate key to keep your marriage strong and surpass all marriage problems.

Maintaining companionship with your partner, open communication, intimacy, and harmony in your relationship will not only provide you with happiness and satisfaction, but it will also improve and uphold your marriage.








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